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by Ceci Art Studio

 by Cecilia Ling 
Truth; Reality
by Cecilia Ling

Cecilia Ling held her solo Asian brush calligraphy exhibition in Austin TX:  “Between the Lines”.


From a very young age, Cecilia has practiced calligraphy. She believes simplicity is the soul of Asian brush calligraphy art, which is both a profound art form and a way to find inner peace.


One does not need to know Chinese, Japanese, or Korean to enjoy Asian brush calligraphy. It is a beautiful abstract line art that represents deep meaning through the Chinese Characters.


Cecilia's calligraphy art pieces are framed with hand-made papers from many countries around the world. These hand-made papers add a unique element to her calligraphy, which is quite different from the traditional Asian calligraphy mounting techniques.


In addition to creating her own work, Cecilia offers calligraphy courses. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

A few sold or framed examples of Cecilia's artwork. 

A Cecilia's Calligraphy artwork in a collector's home. 

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