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Thank you very much for your comments! 

"Fantastic tutor"

- Konstantina Bellevue, WA on 2/7/2020

I had started learning Chinese when I was younger, but after 8 years without using it I had forgotten most of it. Cecilia made a teaching plan focused both on reviewing the things I had learned, as well as adding a lot of new vocabulary to help me in everyday conversations. After three months of classes, I already feel I have made a lot of progress in vocabulary, writing, and listening. Cecilia is very experienced and patient as I am working towards improving my pronunciation. I also like the fact that she shares cultural information about the topics we study.

"A tutor you can depend on to get the job done!"

- Maxine New York, NY on 4/15/2020

Cecilia is a wonderful tutor in many ways. She knows how to plug into the individual needs of the student she is working with and she is very professional. Mandarin is not an easy language and she has been very instrumental in assisting my son with any challenges during his third year of study. He is currently getting excellent grades in a class where his teacher is very demanding. As a plus, Cecilia is concerned about the general well being of her students and she will even update me if she has any concerns. My son enjoys working with her and they have successfully accomplished their weekly goals. I would highly recommend investing in her expertise as a Mandarin Chinese Tutor.

"The highlight of my week!"

- Steve Sammamish, WA on 1/27/2018

In the last ten months I have learned 300-400 words, the ability to create and understand longer sentences and am approaching the point where I could visit China and communicate basic needs. Cecilia continues to inspire me to learn tones and the more I learn the more I realize how important tones are. I expanded my hour long class to 90 minutes and I would recommend this for every serious student.

"Knowledgable and personable tutor"

- Madeleine Seattle, WA on 10/31/2017

Cecelia is an amazing tutor! She is very knowledgable and helps you turn your learning towards topics that will be immediately used in your everyday life/job. Her technique helps you learn efficiently and the in-lesson time is always spent wisely.

"Knowledgable tutor"

- Royce Honolulu, HI on 10/15/2017

In teaching Chinese, Cecilia is very knowledgable and understanding. Her lessons are concise and easy to follow. I am thankful to have her as my Chinese tutor.

"Helpful and cheerful tutor"

- Rico Japan on 9/24/2017

I've been learning basic Chinese conversation. She also teaches me basic vocabularies and grammars. It's very helpful. She always gives me some motivation and cheers me up. It's fun to learn Chinese with her!

"Excellent tutor!"

- Kristine Norway on 6/9/2017

Cecilia is a wonderful tutor. Her teaching is thorough and systematic, and after just a few lessons I was able to actually communicate in Chinese with my Uber driver!

"Good teaching technique"

- Patricia Seattle, WA on 1/7/2017

Taught my daughter within an hour 1-100 and a few phrases. She sprinkled in games to keep it interesting. Recommended some alternative books that would be more appropriate for her age. She did a nice job keeping my daughter engaged. Thank you

"Very helpful!"

- Jacqueline Newport Beach, CA on 3/29/2016

Cecilia takes the time to actually teach you the concepts, rather than just memorization. She also gave me helpful studying tips in order to learn the material faster. I would definitely recommend her to other students.

"Friendly and knowledgable tutor"

- Aleksei Seattle, WA on 11/28/2015

I'm studying Mandarin from scratch and I can feel that Cecilia helps me to make a good progress. Cecilia is very patient in correcting my pronunciation mistakes. She also explains very well the correct way to fix these mistakes.

"Glad to have found Ms. Cecilia through WyzAnt!"

- Shanta Round Rock, TX on 10/22/2013

Ms Cecilia is very personable and professional. She is very aware of my daughter's skill level and prepares teaching plans designed just for her. Ms. Cecilia is intelligent and well-rounded and she has a lot to offer to my child's growth in the Chinese culture and language and life in general.

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