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Fish image by Cecilia Ling
Why Learn Chinese with Cecilia? 

Welcome to Cecilia’s Pavilion, where learning is a joy!  You have read my bio, and now you may ask, of the hundreds of organizations, teachers, and tutors teaching Chinese, what is the difference in learning Mandarin Chinese in the Broad Learning Pavilion?

These are some reasons and differentiation:

First, learning Mandarin Chinese is not easy. In fact, Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn. Not only does it have a unique pronunciation system, but it also has thousands of years of history embedded within the language. While many students learning Chinese have found it to be very difficult, frustrating, and even tiresome. I believe learning Chinese should be and can be, a joy!

Second, EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. Working with you will be my privilege, and as such, I want to learn about you as an individual.  Specifically, your way of studying, your interests, and how we can learn together to achieve the best result for YOU. Individualizing study is a process that needs the instructor’s experience and teaching capability. I hope to prove to you I am the type of high-quality educator that meets these requirements.

Third, most of my students are professional adults. Besides learning Mandarin Chinese, we also discuss Chinese culture and Chinese business practices. In addition, useful words, phrases, and professional vocabularies for your focused fields are discussed.

Fourth, I have been using face-to-face live video to teach most of the classes since 2013. This offers many advantages, which include no driving, saving time, decreasing traffic, and reducing pollution.  The virtual class can be conducted for people in any time zone in the US or around the world. I have engaged in virtual learning via real-time online communication methods for more than 15 years, which started with distributing some products and then use face-to-face online tools for teaching. Recently, during the COVID-19 global crisis, we have seen a great advantage and excellent learning method that virtual learning/teaching has become.

Please join me in a complimentary first class, which includes talking about your needs and goals, and discussing what material may be best for you.

Finally, I have taught students of all ages. From elementary school, middle and high school, college students, working professionals, to adults who have the spirit to learn. Experience has shown me that one-on-one learning of Mandarin Chinese is the best method.

My classes can be for travel, conversation, preparation for schoolwork and exams, or to systematically learn Chinese.

For group study, I prefer small groups.  If you are an organization or corporation and need Chinese language, cross-cultural classes, please contact us.   


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