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Learning Calligraphy

Chinese brush calligraphy has a history that spans more than three thousand years. Regarded as the most abstract and sublime form of art in Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy is often thought to be the most revealing of one's personality and embodies the essence of Chinese culture. 


Brush calligraphy is not only loved and practiced by Chinese (书法/書法 Shu Fa, the way/methods/law of writing); Japanese(書道 Kanji/Hiragana, the way/principle of writing)and Koreans (書藝 Hanja, the skill/criterion of writing) equally adore calligraphy as a valuable treasure of their heritage.


I started practicing brush calligraphy as a very young child in China and find the calligraphy to be both a profound art form and a wonderful meditation form that allows you to find inner peace and quietness.


Because calligraphy requires single-minded concentration, it helps you clear your mind, and provide a means to relieve stress. Concentration also brings forth patience and inner strength.


I offer Chinese brush calligraphy courses or workshops, which is a practice suitable for both adults and children.


You do not need to know Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language to learn Chinese brush calligraphy. Calligraphy is the art of lines, shapes, and balance. Anyone can make the lines dance! 

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