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Cecilia is a native of Beijing, China, and is trained in the official broadcast-style of the "Chinese National Language" form of Mandarin Chinese. She was an accomplished editor and writer for several newspapers and magazines in China. Her teaching specialty includes speaking, reading, writing Chinese, and Chinese culture study/training. She has experience in curriculum development, teaching, and training from pre-K to adults.

Cecilia is a graduate of the Graduate School of Communications at the University of Texas at Austin and the Graduate School of Business at Harvard University. She also earned a Professional Development Course Certificate from the Graduate school of Education at Harvard University. She has extensive experience working for technology firms in the U.S. and working with partners and customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

She has been a Mandarin Chinese and Chinese Culture study educator for many years.  Cecilia believes that cultural exchange plays an important key role in today's global economy. She delivers language instruction with a focus on intercultural management knowledge and applications such as  China's economic system and Chinese business practices. Her knowledge is valued by professionals and corporations.

Her teaching philosophy is to use differentiated instruction with a style that encourages deep understanding and makes learning a fun experience. Moreover, her ability to relate and understand people allows her to be an effective communicator and instructor to students of all ages. Cecilia is also a Chinese Ink/Brush Calligraphy artist.

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