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Learning with Cecilia is a joy!

Cecilia is a native of Beijing, China, and is trained in the official broadcast-style of the "Chinese National Language" form of Mandarin Chinese.

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Why Learning Pavilion 

Of the hundreds of organizations, teachers, and tutors teaching Chinese, what is the difference in learning Mandarin Chinese in the Learning Pavilion?

These are some reasons and differentiation:

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Pavilion photo slideshow by Cecilia Ling/Ceci Art Studio

Why is it called the Pavilion 

Pavilion  is a typical Eastern culture architecture that has existed for thousands of years. Some of them are built in gardens, parks, or scenic landscapes. Some of them are standing at the roadside, often outside of the cities. 


A lot of pavilions were specially built at the intersection of the roads. They are for people to take a break in their journey, drink tea, eat a quick meal, meet and talk to other people.  

I like the idea of a pavilion at the intersection or crossroad junctions, just like the path of cross-cultural communication.  Because a pavilion has typically open walls, the purpose of no walls is to look far out. I hope that it can present the concept of an open mind. 


Cecilia is a wonderful tutor in many ways. She knows how to plug into the individual needs of the student she is working with and she is very professional.

Multi-Media Samples

Listen to Cecilia's Audio

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