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Rate & Payment


The classes are customized to everyone's unique needs and goals. The rate is for reference only. Workshops, webinars and consulting are based on projects.  Contact us to discuss these in detail:

Chinese  Class hourly Rate 

Based on  face-to-face online-class hourly rate = $48. With different payment methods the rate may change.  Contact us for details.

Workshop/Webinar Rate 

It depends on the subject. The rate will be on the event post.  Coming Soon

Consulting Rate 

It depends on the project. The rate will be negotiable. 

Contact us to have a discussion. 

Payment Plans

For Chinese classes, there are three different plans: 1. Apply on Wyzant with my link. 2. Apply on Wyzant by yourself.  3. Other payment methods.  Please contact us to discuss the details. 

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